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Creative african american little girl painting at daycare

With the school season coming to an end

With the school season coming to an end, many parents are struggling to find daytime childcare
options. No parent wants to be worrying about their child while away at work. That’s why we at
Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare guarantee to provide engaging childcare services in a fun and safe
environment. Our experienced childcare professionals know the ins and outs of keeping children
active, entertained, and engaged. At Ya-Ya’s Place, children can expect a variety of fun activities
– field trips, arts and crafts, movies, ice cream, and, of course, play time! Be sure to enroll your
child at Ya-Ya’s Place for a fun summer of creating and learning.
We want to continue to foster childrens’ growing minds through the summer months so that
they are immensely prepared for their upcoming school year. Just because “school’s out for the
summer” doesn’t mean we stop learning! At Ya-Ya’s Place, we wholeheartedly believe that
everyone is capable of great things, we just need a little fun and play to get started.