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Schoolgirl doing homework

We support and foster growth in our children to be confident individuals

Now, more than ever, it is important we support and foster growth in our children so that they may be confident individuals in the future. Providing the best environment for developing social skills,  learning basic curriculum, and having lots of time for play is the foundation on which Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare is built. We believe the best way for children to grow is to play and learn in tandem, which is why we combine creative play with Pennsylvania’s Standards for Education.

Did you know that there are immense benefits to playing as children? Besides the fact that your child will wear themselves out, of course! Play gets the gears turning in your child’s mind, helping them develop cognitive skills, new vocabulary, physical abilities, and social skills. For example, tossing a ball is so much more complex than we think – for a young, developing mind, a child will learn how to control their muscles to perform a throwing motion, practice their hand-eye-coordination, and communicate with others to catch the ball. Beyond that, play benefits children’s physical and emotional health by helping them grow strong and healthy, and providing an outlet for any anxiety and stress. Dropping the ball while playing toss can cause frustration in a child, but working to overcome the emotion by trying again shows a great amount of growth.

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so let our qualified staff at Ya-Ya’s Place help your child grow!