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Teacher cleaning hands to student children with sanitizer gel while wearing face mask

We all have One Wish for Our Children to be Safe

While children have a million and one wishes, we all have one wish in mind for our children – for them to be safe. In both a physical and emotional sense, us parents fight to protect and make sure our children are in a safe environment. Teaching them to be careful with scissors, to look both ways when crossing the road, wash their hands before eating, and to be cautious of strangers are just a few of the many things we do to make the world a safe place for our little ones. Whether or not they know it, this is how we show our children they are loved and cared for!

At Ya-Ya’s Place we value the safety of our attendees as if they were our own children. By using age-appropriate toys and tools, adhering to cleaning cycles, and following proper hygienic practices, we ensure your children are in a safe, sanitized, and super fun environment. Teaching children the importance of authority, trust, responsibility, and independence are huge life lessons we tackle, as well, as we want all our children to feel comfortable, welcome, and represented at Ya-Ya’s Place. All children are welcome to become a valuable part of our wonderful little family here at Ya-Ya’s Place!