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Cute children with watermelons in a park

Positive and Negative that come with Summer

As parents, there are so many positives and negatives that come with summer – you want your children to have fun but you still have to work, so what do you do? Enroll your child at Ya-Ya’s Place, of course! We know you want your child to be in the best possible care, which is why we at Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare provide year-round services. Just because it is summer, though, doesn’t mean learning has to take a pause – we continue to offer engaging and informative lessons throughout these hot months. Join us this summer for fun and educational field trips, arts and crafts lessons, family movies, and of course, fun! Playtime and learning are the two quintessential building blocks of Ya-Ya’s Place, so while your child is exhausting their energy and exploring the world around them, they are still gaining a thorough education and strengthening their minds.


We strive to make your children feel welcome and safe so that you can feel at ease when you drop off your little one for a full day of fun. Enrolling your child in daycare not only gives them a busy schedule of fun, friends, and learning, but gives you time to focus on that knitty-gritty thing called “work.” Let our qualified caregivers provide a fun and friendly environment for your child this summer!