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Happy kids with friends at elementary school

Many people only view daycare centers as a place where children go for supervision

Many people only view daycare centers as a place where children go for supervision. At Ya-Ya’s
Place, though, we are so much more! While nurturing children is at the forefront of our goals,
playing, learning, and growing are all valuable components of Ya-Ya’s Place. These early years
are a valuable time for children to learn to share, resolve arguments, and play well with others.
Simple social interactions such as this help your young one develop important life skills that will
help them grow in the future. These social skills improve children’s emotional and cognitive
development, allowing them to better express negative emotions and interact with others.
Social engagement and behavior development are not the only benefits of attending daycare,
though! Seemingly simple activities such as song and storytelling help stimulate intellectual
growth and development in young minds, opening doors for creativity and self expression.
Children can also learn valuable lessons such as responsibility, as they find routine in putting
away their toys, washing their hands, and taking turns. Such seemingly unimportant tasks, be it
raising one’s hand or standing quietly in line, make all the difference in a developing young
mind. Enroll your child in a credible, fun, and inviting daycare center today – enroll at Ya-Ya’s