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Teacher assisting kids in laboratory

Children are Becoming Rocket Scientists at Our Daycare

While your child is dabbling in the arts and becoming rocket scientists at our daycare, you can rest assured that safety comes first. Learning through play is only possible in a safe and inclusive environment, which is why we ensure all materials and activities are age appropriate and areas are clean and sanitized. With the number of children, parents, and caretakers coming in and out of the building, it is important to regularly sanitize surfaces and the air to prevent the spread of germs and Covid-19. Let’s keep germs outside so play can last all day!

Not only does our staff work hard to create a clean environment for our children and families, we also maintain a proper ratio of children to educators to ensure all children are supervised around the clock.  We want each child to gain the best possible experience while at Ya-Ya’s Place, and that is only possible when all our team members are onboard to provide a safe, fun, and engaging atmosphere. We encourage you to see Ya-Ya’s Place as more than a daycare center, but a place where your child can thrive!