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Little Children at Birthday Party

All Children Need to Experience the Benefits of Socialization

Whether your child is a social butterfly or one to hide behind the curtains, all children need to experience the benefits of socialization. Interacting with others increases language skills, further develops the concept of sharing and responsibility, and, of course, generates friends! All children are welcome to  Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare to make friends, play all day, and learn valuable lessons. Meeting new people shouldn’t be something children fear, which is why we strive to make our daycare center an inclusive and heartwarming place for friendships to thrive.

We know that all children have different social levels, so while there is not a one-size-fits-all method for childcare, our flexible team of educators are able to appeal to all children’s needs. Some children need more social support than others, and that’s okay! We are here to help all children find joy in speaking with others, sharing toys, and learning alongside friends. At Ya-Ya’s Place we hope to prepare children socially, educationally, and emotionally, as they are just steps away from entering the wonderful world of Kindergarten!