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Happy black woman play and learning with little kid at home. Education children development concept

valuable the small window of early childhood development

Do you know how valuable the small window of early childhood development truly is? Those few months before entering Kindergarten and grade school greatly influence a child’s social, cognitive, and behavioral skills, so it is imperative your child finds a nurturing environment to develop these well-rounded skills. Simple tasks such as hanging up coats and removing shoes paves the way for young children to learn structure, routine, and responsibility. Let us help you send your child to school prepared to face the day! Learning basic school curricula such as mathematics, the alphabet, or reading, is just as valuable as learning important social skills such as sharing, waiting in line, not touching others, and not interrupting others.

At Ya-Ya’s Place Family Day Care, we strive to teach children the wonders of friendship, responsibility, and independence, and encourage them to face the day with confidence. New things can be scary – we all know that! – So let our caring educators help your little ones transition into elementary school smoothly with proper social skills and the eagerness to learn.