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The few months before entering Kindergarten

The few months before entering Kindergarten bear a great amount of stress on a child and family; change can be scary! But, as Ya-Ya says, “new beginnings is a way of starting over,” and the educators at Ya-Ya’s Place intend to support your child’s social and educational development. Not only can your child engage with and learn from other children, the educational programs offered at Ya-Ya’s Place will make sure your child is ready and confident to enter Kindergarten the coming year. 

A critical component in Ya-Ya’s Place’s philosophy is the fact that an act, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in any child’s life. That is why you can rest assured your child is in good hands while at Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare; these educators are more than school teachers, but life teachers, working with your children to ensure they feel welcomed and heard. An enriching environment makes all the difference in a child’s ability to learn and gain independence. Regardless if your child is interested in mathematics, science, the arts, or physical activities, Ya-Ya’s Place offers a variety of programs for each child to excel in learning within their own unique learning methods.