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Preparing your child for kindergarten

Preparing your child for kindergarten is no easy task, so let the educators at Ya-Ya’s Place help! Along with teaching curriculums and engaging children in play, we work to help your child understand the world around them. Every child has unique needs and situations, which is why we work to help children learn and cope with any day to day issues they may face. Teaching life lessons are just as important as educational lessons, and we want your child to be prepared and eager to conquer each day. 


Your child will engage with other children and age-appropriate activities, expanding their social skills and cognitive abilities. It is important for children to develop social skills prior to entering kindergarten, and our educators strive to help your child feel comfortable and whatever social situations they may find themselves in. Understanding the value of teamwork, healthy methods of expression, and facing challenges in problem solving are but a few essential life lessons your child will learn. We welcome all children to grow and thrive together at Ya-Ya’s Place!