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a local daycare to provide quality enrichment

Are you in need of a local daycare to provide quality enrichment for your young ones?

Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare located in upper Philadelphia is a perfect center to encourage and promote your children’s education, enrichment, and general well-being. This center is more than just a daycare – it is a place in which your child’s social and cognitive development is nurtured. Ya-Ya’s Place is built on the concept of new beginnings, in regards to both your families’ needs and their teaching philosophies. 


A talented team with the ability to foster new ideas is essential in a world of ever-evolving curriculum. At Ya-Ya’s Place, educators provide flexible learning routines to support children of all ages and abilities in achieving a fulfilling learning experience. While Ya-Ya’s Place adheres to the Pennsylvania Standards for Education, a key component in their programming is the idea that learning happens best through play. 


The team members at Ya-Ya’s Place encourage children’s innate curiosity within a caring and enriching environment so that they may find joy in developing their education and understanding of the world. Ya-Ya’s Place does not take anything for granted. The team of educators dedicate their lives to providing quality care and education for children, working hard to encourage children to not only learn about the world around them but also about themselves as individuals. As stated by the daycare’s founder, YaYa, “children can manifest their individuality as they share and develop friendships,” promoting both the social well-being and cognitive prowess of young minds. At Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare, you can expect your children to grow and develop their skills in a fun and friendly environment so that they will be prepared to enter Kindergarten.