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About Us

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare, were new beginnings is a way of starting over. Here at Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare, we bring new talents and new ideas to the table with giving families access to a broad educational process. All children can learn; and we want to make a difference in every child’s life. The Staff here at Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare, put in a lot of work to encourage and engage your children in education and care. Please know that with up and coming trainings and in-service days we never expect to not know how children learn and cope with day to day issues in their lives. I hope that nothing is taken for granted and that you respect and honor our work. We love every child that comes through the door and we prepare each parent daily throughout the educational process.

about yayas place family daycare center philadelphia

We respect and care for our parents and the hard work that they do in response to this process. In saying this we hope to continue to be partners in your children’s education process and we will always continue to be support in your children’s lives. We work hard and in return we play hard, so if you come in one day and see us celebrating this is a mark for you and the families we serve. Read your handbook thoroughly and continue to support our cause. We are here for you and continue to thank all our families for their patronage. Thank you for choosing Ya-Ya’s Place Family Daycare. We look forward to providing your child with a caring and enriching environment.

Our Mission

We feel that children need social development as well as physical skills and everyday hands on experience. We nurture our children therefore teaching them to care for and understanding their environment.